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With over more then 30 years experience our staff is well equipped to be a partner in solving your photonics challenges, have a look to their shortlist.

Roland Kuijvenhoven

Roland Kuijvenhoven Sales DirectorMy first steps into Photonics where made as one of the first students at Photonics section of Technical College Ede.
I finished with a Post Bachelor degree in Business Administration at the Business school Arnhem.

Since September 2015 responsible for Te Lintelo Systems, where after 30 years Ben Te Lintelo did take a step back.

My career in a nutshell;
My whole professional career working in the Photonics Industry, started as intern at Melles Griot where I could learn all faces of the Photonics Business, I did enjoy my job in Quality Control, Purchasing and Sales.
From there I worked 3 years at a Photonics Trading company, here I made the jump from inside sales to outside sales / product manager.
When we changed the new decenium I was asked to join help establish the European facility of Ocean Optics. We did grew from a 3 men operation to over 40 people in Europe. From doing everything the first years to focus on distributor sales and growing the distributor channel within the EMEA region.

Key experience
Laser, Optics, Spectroscopy, Fiber optics, Customization, Building sales & distributor channels

Monique Schutten - Technical Sales

Monique Schutten

Photonics Degree at TH Rijswijk
Photonics college at Technical College Ede

I have a Photonics background and a Bachelor degree in Physics, with a specialization in Photonics.
Since September 2013 I’m working as a Sales Engineer at Te Lintelo Systems. I really enjoy working for this small, flexible company with having the possibility to advise our customer and manage the complete process.

My career in a nutshell;
After my study I worked a couple of year as a physicist at the Reference Centre for Breast Cancer. In these days I was able to learn all about radiation and get my Health Physics expert level 3 (nowadays Coordinating radiation protection expert). The Photonics Industry kept my interest and for that reason I changed job and started at Melles Griot as Technical Purchaser. I specialist myself in sourcing custom made optical components. After a couple of years, I was asked to become Quality Manager, where I did both quality control and ISO. My latest career step within CVI Melles Griot was to Procurement/Purchase manager. After more than 7 years I decided that it was time to see the Photonics Industry from a different point of view.

Key experience

Customized Optical components, Laser, Light Metrology, Spectroscopy.


Danny van Dongen Sales Manager

Danny van Dongen

Photonics Degree at TH Rijswijk

I have a Photonics background and a Bachelor degree in Physics, with a specialization in Photonics.
Since October 2016 I’m working as Sales Manager at Te Lintelo Systems. The combination of a small and, therefore, very flexible company suits me very well. Besides that, we represent top brands in the area of photonics which enables us to provide the customer the best possible added value.

My career in a nutshell:
In 2011 I started to work as a sales engineer at Melles Griot. I did this for 2 years. During this period I learned about optical manufacturing and related optical specifications. Since photonics is my passion, I wanted to learn more about lasers and ‘applied’ optics. Therefore I accepted a job offer from ACAL BFi (old BFi Optilas). During this period I learned a lot about lasers, laser safety, acousto-optics, electro-optics, non-linear optics, laser beam characterization, optical spectroscopy and a lot more. In 2016 I was asked to join Te Lintelo Systems as a Sales Manager. A new and exciting adventure in my professional career in the Photonics Industry.

Key experience
Lasers, optics, Laser Safety, Electo Optical Components, Lockin Amplifiers

Esther Busch - Customer Service

Esther Busch

Logistics & Customer Service

Within Te Lintelo Systems I am the logistical jack of all trades.
From the moment we receive an order I am responsible for customer service, purchasing, logistics and invoicing.
It’s great to have the responsibility over this complete process and have contact with all parties involved.

My goal is to service our customers at all levels, within our availability.

My career in a nutshell:
I worked over 10 years at the purchase department of Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries, a leather production facility.
My core business was ordering and follow up the purchase orders, keeping up the stock from the different chemicals and paints.
At a certain moment it was time to search for new challenges.
I started at Te Lintelo Systems in 2011 with the responsibility over the logistics and customer service, which have been expanded to the complete logistical process in the mean time.

Key experience
Logistics, Import / Export, On-time delivery


Ben Te Lintelo - Founder - Advisor

Ben Te Lintelo


As member of the advisory board Ben can support you with his experience setting up your business, with more than 35 years of experience in Optics and Optical LED Metrology!



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