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Ruud vd Noord

Senior Photonics Solutions Engineer

Many years ago I studied Chemistry at the TH in Rotterdam, with a specialization in Analytical Chemistry.
After a few years of lab-experience, at one of the institutes of TNO in Delft, I started to work in sales.

In the organization where I worked many years in sales of Analytical Instruments, in 2000 I made the switch to the sales of Optical instruments and components.
Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in photonics related products. Partly through technical training from suppliers, but I gained most of the knowledge from our customers and their applications. Especially the latter has made me very enthusiastic about the possibilities in the photonics industry.

Since 2018 I work together with the team of Te Lintelo Systems, where I can use my analytical experience with the spectroscopic applications we can offer.

Key experience

Customer relationship, Raman- and NIR-Spectroscopy, Machine Vision, Positioning, Optics.


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