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Monique Schutten

Product Manager

Photonics Degree at TH Rijswijk
Photonics college at Technical College Ede

I have a Photonics background and a Bachelor degree in Physics, with a specialization in Photonics.
Since September 2012 I’m working as a Sales Engineer at Te Lintelo Systems. I really enjoy working for this small, flexible company with having the possibility to advise our customer and manage the complete process.

My career in a nutshell;
After my study I worked a couple of year as a physicist at the Reference Centre for Breast Cancer. In these days I was able to learn all about radiation and get my Health Physics expert level 3 (nowadays Coordinating radiation protection expert). The Photonics Industry kept my interest and for that reason I changed job and started at Melles Griot as Technical Purchaser. I specialist myself in sourcing custom made optical components. After a couple of years, I was asked to become Quality Manager, where I did both quality control and ISO. My latest career step within CVI Melles Griot was to Procurement/Purchase manager. After more than 7 years I decided that it was time to see the Photonics Industry from a different point of view.

Key experience

Customized Optical components, Laser, Light Metrology, Spectroscopy.

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