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The HypIRia are image-space telecentric lenses optimized for 1 to 2.9 µm. They deliver a high throughput for high-quality imaging.


SWIR Lenses – 1.0 to 2.9 µm

The HypIRia are wide-aperture, image-space telecentric lenses precisely crafted to provide clear and bright images in the SWIR spectral range. A broadband anti-reflective coating on carefully selected glass delivers high throughput and low-aberration imaging on a range extending from 1.0 to 2.9 µm.

A translational focus provides excellent stability during focusing. Robustly built, they are well suited for industrial applications or field work.

Three focal lengths are currently available.


Infrared cameras and lenses


Food & Agriculture
Mining & Geology
Process Monitoring and Sorting


Technical Specifications
HypIRia 11HypIRia 15HypIRia 25
Focal length (mm)111525
Image size (diameter, mm)12.312.312.3
Spectral range1 – 2.9 µm1 – 2.9 µm1 – 2.9 ­­µm
Optical output (image space)Telecentric ± 2.9°Telecentric ± 1.1°Telecentric ± 0.1°
Minimum working distance (mm)300300300
Full diagonal field of view (°)60.444.627.6
Dimensions56 mm x 56 mm x 91 mm55 mm x 48 mm x 70 mm55 mm x 48 mm x 60 mm
Weight0.8 kg0.5 kg0.4 kg


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