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Transmissive Grating Spectrometer HROS

HROS – a cost-effective and high-end optical spectrometer. A special transmission grating is designed to realize high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR),

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OZ Optics presents a cost-effective and high-end optical spectrometer. A special transmission grating is designed to realize exceptional sensitivity while reaching high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), with an excellent spectral resolution over the entire operating wavelength range. A sensitive and high pixel density CMOS Detector is customized to suppress grating high-order noise. The spectrometer is integrateable in well-established systems and can be remotely controlled via a USB port through an intuitive GUI.

Spectrometers are also offered as stand alone units that include a built-in touchscreen. Customized optical inputs including a set of fiber focusers or collimators along with wave division multiplexors are optionally offered to enable both fiber delivery applications and free-space scanning.


• Handheld and rugged design
• Wide spectral range with high spectral resolution
• Transmission grating provides exceptional signal throughput and high signal to noise ratio (SNR)
• Built-in filter to suppress grating second-order noise
• Low cost with flexible operating options


• Full spectrum analysis
• Quality control for food industry
• Chemical identification
• Recent applications ranging from smart farming to pharmaceutical tests


Wavelength Range: 200 nm to 800 nm
Optical Resolution: 1 nm FWHM
Integration Time”: 4 milliseconds to 10 seconds
Dark Noise: < 25 counts at 4 milliseconds exposure
Input Fiber Connector: SMA-905 [1] Signal to Noise Ratio: >300:1
Detector(CCD): Toshiba TCD1304DG
Grating: 1250 lp/mm Fused Silica transmission grating
Pixels: 3648
Entrance slit: 30 μm
Numerical aperture: 0.25
Enhanced sensitivity lens: D-Lens on CCD
Stray Light: < 1%
Operating temperature range [2] : (Non-condensing) 10 °C – 45 °C
Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 24 mm body
Weight: 169 g
Vertical range: 50,000 counts
Electrical Connector : 16 pin 1 mm pitch FFC
Inputs/Outputs : SPI with 2 chip selects, accumulator reset, device reset and external trigger
Trigger Modes : internal or external source, single, multiple accumulate, multiple average
Power Consumption : 3.3 V 60 mA

1 Receptacle is optional, other connector available upon request.
2 Temperature Drift compensation is attached along with the CoC


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