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31Jan 23

High-Resolution Optical Spectrometer

OZ Optics presents a cost-effective and high-end optical spectrometer. A special transmission grating is designed to realize exceptional sensitivity while reaching high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), with an excellent spectral resolution…

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24Jan 23

Extension to our Management Team!

We as Te Lintelo Systems are happy to announce that Matthijs de Wit, our Sales Director, has joined the company as a shareholder, via a management buy-in. Te Lintelo Systems…

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20Jan 23

Rotary Micro Stages

M3-RS Rotary Smart Stage Angular Micro positioning module with embedded controller Smallest size, high resolution, unmatched ease of use This miniature, “all-in-one” rotary positioning stage has closed-loop position resolution better…

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05Jan 23

PixelSensor Spectral sensor on a chip

Our PixelSensor products use on-chip filtering to pack up to eight wavelength-selective photodiodes into a 9-millimeter by 9-millimeter array for easy integration into optical devices. In addition, one PixelSensor replaces…

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27Jul 22

COSMOS 66 Megapixel Large-Array Camera

Princeton Instruments COSMOS 66 Megapixel Large-Array Cameras for Astronomy Available to Order! The deeply cooled COSMOS camera, supercharged by the next generation of Teledyne’s LACera™ (large area CMOS image sensor…

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08Jun 22

Corning Varioptic A-PE Series lenses

A-PE-Series is a higher degree of integration of the Corning® Varioptic® liquid lens based on the combination of an A-P Series lens with a dedicated driving board. This product has…

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