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Highlights of the month May 2016


News may 2016

We are please to inform you about following

  • SpotOptics wavefront sensors
  • Gooch and Housego now BeNeLux wide available at Te Lintelo Systems
  • Explore the full spectrum

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Esther, Ben, Roland & Monique


SpotOptics was founded in 1996 in Padova, with focus on Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors and their applications to the R&D and industrial world.

They have extensive experience in the following fields; Optics, Design & construction of instruments, Software, Instrument control, Image analysis.

One of their products is the Puntino, Shack Hartmann Wavefront sensor for optimizing telescopes, find out more about the Puntino by following Data Sheet, or have a look at our website.

Gooch and Housego now BeNeLux wide available at Te Lintelo Systems

We are pleased to annouced that Gooch and Housego did select Te Lintelo Systems to be their partner for the BeNeLux sales area!

Gooch & Housego is a photonics technology business headquartered in Ilminster Somerset, UK with operations in the USA and Europe. A world leader in its field, the company researches, designs, engineers and manufactures advanced photonic systems, components and instrumentation for applications in the Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Life Sciences and Scientific Research sectors. World leading design, development and manufacturing expertise is offered across a broad range of complementary technologies.

Materials & Components

Gooch & Housego researches, design, engineers and manufactures photonic assemblies, systems and components based upon the following key enabling technologies:

Acousto-Optics: Q-switches, tunable filters (AOTF), modulators (multi or single channel), deflectors, pulse pickers and cavity dumpers, frequency shifters, mode lockers.

Electro-Optics: from G&H grown crystals: Pockels cells – BBO LightGate, CdTe IRX , KD*P, TX series large aperture and lithium niobate Q-switches.

Fiber Optics: Active and passive – fiber optic components, fiber optic assemblies, fiber coupled AOM, DFB and DBR Lasers, DFB laser drivers, single mode pump lasers, multi mode pump lasers, high speed, detectors. Manufacturing for rugged environments including high reliability and space.

Precision Optics: Thin film coating, birefringent, non-linear, planar and aspheric optics, assemblies, crystalline optics, infra-red Optics, glass engineering, research grade mirror substrates, ring laser gyroscope optics, sapphire polishing, silicon carbide polishing, solid etalons, superpolishing, waveplates, X-ray and synchrotron. Manufacturing opto-mechanical assemblies.

RF Electronics: Q-switch drivers, modulator drivers, AOTF drivers, fiber-coupled AOM drivers,  AO device drivers.

“Explore the Full Spectrum!”

was the theme for Instrument Systems, presenting its high-class light measurement systems for Solid State Lighting at this year´s Light + Building, Frankfurt, from 13 to 18 March 2016.

Many thanks to all of you for your visits and the fruitful dialogues that took place at our booth! We are particularly pleased about your pronounced  interest in our new solutions for current SSL-topics such as CIE S 025, TM-30-15 and the ErP guideline.

The live presentation of our LGS 1000 Goniophotometer with burning position correction drew a lot of attention at our booth. Just three days before, at Strategies in Light (SIL), USA, this innovative feature had been honored with the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award 2016, as the most user-friendly innovation in the category “Tools & Tests in SSL Design”.

If you are interested in light measurement solutions by Instrument Systems, but weren´t able to visit us in Frankfurt, we encourage you to get in touch with our qualified sales engineers. They will be pleased to find a solution for any of your light measurement challenges. Send your requirement to or contact us directly. We are looking forward to the next step!


We look forward to supplying you with all the material and information you need and answering any question.
For more information please contact us at: or by phone: +31 (0)316 340804.


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