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AIR-COOLED High Pulse Energy Picosecond Lasers

RGLX Series High Pulse Energy Picosecond Lasers now offers high pulse energies, in the picosecond regime, at both kHz high pulse repetition rates and millijoule-level pulse energies.

• mJ pulse energies at kHz pulse repetition rate
• Up to 4mJ pulse energy IR at 1kHz
• All-in-one (AIO) laser, no external controller and no bulky power supply
• Excellent beam quality (M2<1.3)
• IR, GREEN, and UV wavelength outputs available Website

Such applications include:
Cutting, drilling, welding, scribing, marking, micro-structuring, micro and meso-scale material processing, processing difficult materials • Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR), Laser Ranging Systems, Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optical Systems, Observatory Systems • Pump Probe Spectroscopy, TimeResolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy • Pumping OPO Systems, Ti:Sapphire Systems, Ultrafast Amplifier Systems.

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