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Avalanche Photodiodes – A webinar by OSIO

Osi OptoelectronicsThe high-gain properties in avalanche photodiodes (APDs) make these devices an ideal choice for low-light-level detection in optical communications, spectroscopy, range finding, and many other applications for medical, industrial, telecommunications, automotive, defense, and aerospace industries.

This webinar examines the unique features of APDs, including the fundamental theoretical aspects of operations, the structure, and related characteristics and functions. Oleks Goushcha, Ph.D., will review the design of APDs based on the incident wavelength, noise, operating voltage, avalanche gain, and speed requirements.

The methods of measurement for various functional parameters, including gain and excess noise factors, will also be discussed. Features of current APD technologies, using a variety of semiconductor materials including Silicon (Si), Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs), Gallium Nitride (GaN), and others, will be examined. In addition, the applications for APDs and relevant structural designs, as well as coupling of APDs with transimpedance amplifiers and thermo-electric coolers, will be covered. The speaker will discuss APD operation in the analog and digital (Geiger) modes, as well as Si photomultipliers, which are arrays of microcell APDs connected in parallel and operating in Geiger mode. This webinar has been specially developed for researchers and engineers working with low optical signal detection, as well as students involved in optics, medical imaging, laser ranging, and other research applications.

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