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Ball Mounted Retroreflectors are now available in a new unique Break-Resistant configuration

PLX Ball Mounted RetroreflectorsPLX’s high accuracy Durable Ball Mounted Retroreflectors (DBMRs) offer increased durability and are designed to work in demanding environments. They have been successfully drop-tested on concrete from a height of 6 feet. Our new DBMRs are available in 1.5” diameter and two centering options (0.0001” and 0.0005”), and are guaranteed to be compatible with laser tracking systems of all manufacturers.

 – All metal design
          – Higher Resistance to shock
          – Equipped with our standard protective silver coating for the highest durability
          – Backed by PLX’s history of superior quality BMRs
          – For more information and to view diagrams and 3D models call us!

We also accomodate  applications requiring a non-magnetic product !

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