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Benchtop Intelligent Optical Signal-To-Noise Ratio Generator

banner_Logo_OZ-opticsOZ Optics’ Intelligent Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio Generator (iOSNRG) has been designed to allow users to inject a programmable level of noise into an optical signal, creating a precisely de-fined signal-to-noise ratio. All iOSNRG settings can be controlled automatically with the user-friendly touch panel or computer inter-face. With a built-in narrow-band tune-able filter, the wavelength can be selected to be any channel within the ITU Grid with fine-tuning capability. The output power level is user programmable, making this an ideal instrument for doing OSNR measurements in data communication systems. The instrument comes with GPIB, USB, and Ethernet interfaces, allowing it to be controlled by a computer, for automated testing of systems or devices.


  • Automatically set user designated optical signal-to-noise ratio
  • Automatically set user designated optical output power level
  • Stand-alone or computer controllable
  • Touch-screen control for local operation
  • GPIB and Ethernet interfaces for computer control
  • Optical port for connecting external optical spectrometer
  • Build-in tunable filter
  • Provision for external filter


  • BER (Bit Error Rate) testing
  • Eye Diagram Quality testing
  • DWVM network testing
  • Submarine Network testing

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