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Compact Motorized Laser Power Attenuators

Eksma introduce a new series of motorized laser power attenuators with high LIDT optics and precision opto-mechanics put together into a compact housing.

Attenuators demonstrate stable and reliable performance even when used with high power lasers in industrial applications.


  • High LIDT: >10 J/cm2 at 10 ns, 1064 nm
  • Attenuation level is controlled by the software in 0.1 – 97% range
  • Based on zero-order half-waveplate and Brewster type thin film polarizer
  • Full solution – includes controller, software, power supply and USB cable
  • Standard models for the most popular laser wavelengths  (1064 nm, 1020-1040 nm, 780-820 nm, 532 nm, 510-520 nm, 390-410 nm, 355 nm and 343 nm) are offered ex-stock

Eksma Compact Motorized Laser Power Attenuator

more info can also be found at: EKSMA website

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