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COSMOS™ is the only large format, high performance CMOS camera designed and manufactured entirely within a single source. With LACera™ technology, COSMOS offers superior sensitivity, large imaging area, low noise and fast frame rate.

  • 0.7 e- read noise
  • Up to 50 fps full frame
  • > 90% quantum efficiency
  • Up to 8k x 8k sensor sizes
  • Deep-cooled for low dark current

Typical applications:

See what parameters of COSMOS are beneficial for for a wide range of ground-based observational astronomy applications

Key Capabilities

Unbeatable Sensitivity

Due to back-illumination, the COSMOS achieves near-perfect light collection, achieving over 90% peak quantum efficiency. With minimal 0.7  e- read noise and 0.05 e-/p/s dark current, COSMOS is able to detect the weakest of signals.

Large Format Without Compromise

The challenge of CMOS cameras has been maintaining performance when scaling to larger formats; in particular offering the combination of speed and low noise architecture. COSMOS delivers deep-cooled, low-noise performance on a multi-megapixel scale with global shutter, 18-bit readout, and glow reduction technology.

True Global Shutter

Electronic global shutter devices are often necessary for the capture of fast-moving objects. This is achieved on CMOS through the addition of a “storage area” within each pixel. However, global shutters on back-illuminated CMOS devices were not previously possible due to parasitic light artifacts.

The COSMOS has a redesigned pixel structure allowing for back-illumination alongside a global shutter. This redesign also minimizes parasitic light sensitivity, providing both the best sensitivity and artefact-free imaging.

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