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December 2016 Newsletter – Led Event 2016

December  2016  News Flash
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We are pleased to invite you to the LED Event!

Meet us on our booth during the LED Event on 30th of November in Mechelen and the 1st of December in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Get your free entrance ticket here!
The increasing possibilities of electronics and the rapid development of LED technology offering more opportunities to create LED applications. The LED Event is the opportunity to get properly and fully informed of your activities.

In this newsletter we want to inform you about what you can see at our booth!

Enjoy reading,
Esther, Ben, Monique, Danny & Roland


Wednesday 30 November on 15:30u and Thursday 1 December on 13:30u, we will give you an update on:

Spectral handheld Light Meters for accurate LED lighting measurements

This talk explains why measuring LED light sources with traditional handheld photometers and tri-stimulus colorimeters often results in significant errors.
How the use of contemporary spectral light meters overcomes these issues and thereby permits the many benefits of LEDs to be properly quantified is discussed.

This will be presented by: Mike Clark, Gigahertz Optik GmbH on behalf of Te Lintelo Systems BV


See the Lumicam from Instrument Systems

This year we will show you the Lumicam Advanced, with the new 6 filter technology.
The LumiCam 1300 Color imaging photometer and colorimeter captures complex luminance and color distributions of displays and electronic panel graphics within seconds.

The measuring systems of the LumiCam 1300 series use a high-quality CCD sensor with 1370 x 1020 pixels.
A calibrated luminance, and possibly a color value, is assigned to each pixel during the measurement.
This results in the creation of two-dimensional images presenting the spatially resolved measurement values coded for brightness or color.
More info


Test the handheld spectral lightmeters from Gigahertz-Optik.

This year you will be able to test the following measurement devices from Gigahertz Optik, live at the booth.
We will have available the:

  • MSC15, a low cost spectral light meter for measurement of illuminance, spectrum, color, and color rendering index
  • BTS256-E, a handheld BiTec sensor light meter or precision routine and complex measurements in lighting systems
  • BTS256-EF, a handheld light & flicker meter with BiTec sensor for precision and complex measurements of lighting systems

Take your source with you, or test one of our light sources! The results will be visible directly!


Energetiq Technologies’ EQ-77 – a new high brightness Laser Driven Light Source

Energetiq Technologies has released details of their new EQ-77, an extremely bright and broadband – from 170 nm through to visible and beyond – light source.

The EQ-77 offers the highest radiance and irradiance available (Up to 4x that of the current EQ-99 model) in a truly broadband white light source with a choice of dual-beam output or a single-beam output with retro-reflector.

Specifically designed for critical spectroscopy and imaging applications, the EQ-77’s superior spatial and power stability ensures highly repeatable measurements are delivered by a variety of applications in the life and materials sciences.

The proprietary laser-driven bulb technology developed by Energetiq is known as LDLS™ – short for Laser-Driven Light Source. This enables the extreme high brightness and offers lifetimes an order of magnitude longer than traditional multi-lamp systems.

We look forward to supplying you with all the material and information you need and answering any question.
For more information please contact us at: or by phone: +31 (0)316 340804.

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