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We love to support you with He-Ne laser

He-Ne laser – when precision matters

The He-Ne laser has become the heart of high precision instruments in a wide range of applications. Many customers rely on the high beam quality, the excellent spectral properties and the unrevealed price-performance ratio of the LASOS HeNe laser series. Following its “Last Source Strategy” being the last supplier of high quality HeNe laser tubes and modules in OEM quantity, LASOS has made and is still making considerable investments in machinery, tools and skilled people in order to maintain high volume HeNe laser manufacturing.

Bright history – brighter future

LASOS is specialized in providing customized He-Ne lasers as well as replacements for numerous models of other manufacturers (e.g. Melles Griot / Lumentum).
Substitutes for a variety of HeNe laser models are now available:

  • Adaptable optical paramters
  • Adjustable physical dimensions
  • Customized solutions

He Ne Laser in production

LASOS HE-NE LASER Tube production


More info can be found here!

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