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Heatpoint – Keeping Your Nonlinear Crystals Warm, Safe and Efficient

We have designed Heatpoint – a compact oven for LBO, KTP, DKDP or other crystals at their optimal operation temperature and thermo-stabilization of the crystals. It is also useful for preventing moisture condensation on the faces of humidity sensitive crystals to extend their lifetime.

heatpoint crystal oven mountFeatures:
• Compact design
• Precise long term stability
• Designed to be used with common 1″ optics mounts
• Small thermocontroller on a wiring

Heatpoint comes in two sizes and can fit nonlinear crystals up to 6x6x30 mm. You can choose the required operation temperature of the oven and it will be preset in the factory. Operation temperature can be chosen in the range between 30 °C and 80 °C. website datasheet iconfind more info here:

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