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Highlights of the Month February 2016 – Light metrology – for each measurement challenge a solution

light metrology – for each measurement challenge a solution – November 2015
light metrology – for each measurement challenge a solution

Light measurement equipment from handheld lightmeters to goniometers, we have them all in our portfolio and can help you guiding what’s needed for your measurement task. With LED’s to measure the spectral output is getting more and more important. The old style LUX meters have measurement issues with the strong spectral output in the blue wavelength range of LED’s, where our traditional light sources had a very weak output power.

CIE is working on new measurement standards, Be wise and invest in equipment which is futureproof and measure spectral.

In this newsletter we want to highlight the

  1. – MSC15
  2. – BTS256-E (Flicker)
  3. – CAS140 CT
  4. – LGS350

Meet us at the led expo to Discover the MSC15. We don’t have a booth, but on thursday the 28th of january we will be available at the LED expo to give you a demo of the MSC15.

When interested, let us know and we meet you their!

MSC15 Spectral Lightmeter

compact and cost effective for conventional and LED lighting measurements

The compact and user-friendly MSC15 spectral light meter is an inexpensive entry-level light-color-spectral measurement solution for any type of conventional and solid-state light source such as LEDs and OLEDs.

Cost Effective Measurement of Lighting Conditions

The hand-held MSC15 spectral light meter is designed for quick and easy light intensity and color evaluation of all types of light sources. As a spectral light meter it is ideally suited for new technology SSL light sources such as LEDs and OLEDs. Spectral measurement capability is necessary for accurate solid state lighting analysis. In addition to illuminance and color coordinates the MSC15 also determines color rendering indices, tristimulus values, color temperature and light spectrum.

More info

Need to measure Flicker, the BTS256-EF will be your measurement tool

The BTS256-EF is a high-quality light meter that is well suited for illuminance and luminous color measurements in all application areas thanks to its compact design, high-quality light sensor and precise cosine field of view function.

Flicker measurement

Flicker measurement entails identification of a possible AC component of the light signal with a 5kHz bandwidth. Besides the flicker frequency, other flicker parameters i.e. Flicker percent and flicker index are also displayed. The device additionally performs a Fast Fourier Transformation so as to display other frequency components in the signal.

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CAS140 – The Standard for Array Spectrometers

Centerpiece of the CAS 140CT is the newly developed Crossed-Czerny-Turner spectrograph incorporating a high-end, back-Illuminated CCD detector. The spectrometer design thus effectively reduces stray light, resulting in significantly improved dynamic range and measurement accuracy.

The CAS 140CT is the only array spectrometer to include an optical density filter wheel, extending the measurable intensity range over 4 orders of magnitude. Measurements for both very weak and very strong light sources can thus be acquired fully automatically.

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Goniophotometer LGS350- The entire spectrum of angle-dependent measurements!

The goniophotometers from Instrument Systems allow angle-dependent optical parameters of LED and SSL products to be comprehensively analyzed. This covers the entire value chain from single packaged LEDs, through LED modules and light engines to large SSL lamps and luminaires.

All goniophotometers are designed as Type C with a horizontal alignment of the optical axis (turning luminaire configuration). Each goniometer sets benchmarks in its class for precision, reliability and handling. If these goniophotometers are combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, they are able to determine not only photometric data but also spectral quantities, such as color coordinates, color temperature, and even color rendering index as a function of angle.

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