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Holland High Tech National Technology Strategy

Holland High Tech National Technology Strategy: ten crucial technologies for the economy, society

Holland Tech, together with all those involved in the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) Key Technologies, contributes to the programming of innovations on all relevant high-tech topics. For the key technologies, they do this primarily on the technologies that are identified as the most important in the National Technology Strategy.
The National Technology Strategy was approved last week in the Council of Ministers on the proposal of Minister Micky Adriaansens (Economic Affairs and Climate)

Entrepreneurs, researchers, and government have jointly listed which technologies and markets offer the greatest opportunities for the Netherlands. By investing in these technologies, we strengthen (future) earning capacity, tackle unwanted dependencies and social challenges, and make technological leadership feasibles.

The ambitions for these ten technologies have been developed separately, including an objective that the Netherlands must achieve by 2035. Such as being a global leader in the development and production of integrated photonics or being in the EU leading group in the manufacturing and commercialization of quantum technology. The ten technologies in which Dutch companies and knowledge institutions can take advantage of the most opportunities in the coming years are:

  • optics and integrated photonics
  • quantum
  • green chemical production processes
  • biotechnology focused on molecules and cells
  • imaging technology
  • (opto)mechatronics (industrial systems/machines and equipment)
  • artificial intelligence (AI) and data
  • energy materials
  • semiconductors
  • cybersecurity

Good news that photonics and optics are well represented in the national technology strategy!

Read the complete report of the National Technology Strategy here

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