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How to measure the invisible with the most accurate measurement systems

Webinar from SIOS Messtechnik GmbH, September 30th, 8h30

Today’s technological developments follow a common trend in many manufacturing industries: Products are becoming more complex and powerful, the demands on manufacturing quality are constantly increasing, while components and object structures are becoming smaller and more compact.

In turn, the increasing industrial use of micro- and nanotechnological objects leads to ever higher demands on the measurement technology used in manufacturing, verification and positioning. The tasks are realized on objects that are getting larger and larger, so that a link between the macro- and nano-worlds has to be made.

In our approximately 45-minute webinar, you will learn how to measure the invisible with the most accurate measurement systems available from SIOS.

Our experts Dr. Denis Dontsov and Enrico Langlotz will provide information on the following main topics:

  • ultra-stable high-resolution laser interferometers
  • the basics of nanopositioning
  • application of nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine

Our speakers will be very happy to answer your questions about nano metrology after the presentation.

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