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Identifying Counterfeit Textiles

NeoSpectra spectral sensors are playing an important role in smart industry approaches to analyze materials and identify counterfeit textiles in today’s markets. These are the same textiles being sold to consumers like you.

Higher quality raw materials include cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, etc. and come with a higher purchasing cost. In today’s market, consumers are faced with a variety of options and at times may be misled into purchasing counterfeit or synthetic materials that mimic the genuine product.

Neospectra Micro 3d-graphic_graphicIn this application note, the NeoSpectra spectral sensor was put to the test in identifying genuine versus synthetic materials. The application note discusses the testing method used to verify the authentication of silk carpets. Through this study it was determined the NeoSpectra spectral sensors,“can be used to discriminate between authentic and counterfeit silk carpets, even by non-experts, with the simple visualization of their corresponding NIR spectra.”

How cool is that? The ability to verify the authenticity of textile materials can protect industry buyers and consumers from spending millions of dollars purchasing synthetic products that could potentially be passed off as the real deal – to the naked eye.

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