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IKEA counts on Instrument Systems

Since August 2015, IKEA of Sweden sells lamps and luminaires exclusively on LED basis. Therefore, the retail giant is a pioneer in boosting the acceptance of energy-saving lighting systems in the broad market. IKEA Test Lab

Instrument Systems, developer and manufacturer of light measurement systems in Munich, has recently installed the LGS 1000, its biggest and most efficient goniophotometer, at the IKEA TestLab in Sweden. This compact SSL measurement system serves two separate measuring tracks at the new IKEA light measuring laboratory and guarantees the most exact determination of all spatial radiation characteristics for the complete IKEA lighting assortment.

The LGS 1000 by Instrument Systems is ideally suited for demanding tasks in the development and quality control of Solid State Lighting (SSL) products. It supplies highly precise measurement of luminous intensity distribution, luminous flux, color rendering index and color coordinates as well as the verification of energy efficiency in accordance with the European Ecodesign Directive for energy-related products. With its additional luminous flux integrator and burning position correction, the goniophotometer LGS 1000 satisfies all applicable international standards for accurate measurements.

Instrument Systems Goniometer

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