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Instrument Systems Goniophotometer Updates!

New version LGS 350

LGS350 Photogoniometer by Instrument SystemsThe LGS 350 Goniophotometer was updated and is immediately available. It features a 85% increased travel speed of the γ-axis to 34°/s.
The permissible top speed of 0.25 m/s pursuant to CIE S025 “Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules” is thus possible for a large number of LED sample sizes.
The customer can significantly increase throughput while maintaining a high standard of measurement precision.

more info on the LGS350 you will find here!

New Option for LGS 1000

Instrument Systems LGS1000 GoniophotometerA new option for the LGS 1000 Goniophotometer is immediately available. The LGS1000-580 burning position correction adapter and software makes the LGS 1000 fully compliant with the International Standard CIE S025 “Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules”.
This technique won the 2016 LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award in the category “Tools and Tests in SSL Design”.
This alternative to expensive rotating mirror goniophotometers allows easy and costefficient far-field measurements and is up-to-date exclusively provided by Instrument Systems.

more info on the LGS1000 you will find here!

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