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Introducing a New Era in Large Area CMOS Technology

Our partner Teledyne Imaging has a legacy of producing state-of-the-art technology, providing advanced imaging solutions. The most recent solution explores the combined advantages of both CCD and CMOS technology for the ultimate in large sensor imaging performance.

Moving Towards Larger Imaging Areas

CMOS cameras are advantageous as they provide both low noise and fast speeds. However, their technical limit lies with larger formats, with many users accepting the shortcomings of CCD cameras to maintain larger imaging areas.
Makes you wonder…
What if only the best features of CCD and CMOS technology could be merged to create the ultimate large format imaging sensor?

Can the Benefits of CCD and CMOS Technology be Combined?

Yes, they can! LACera™ is the first of technology to produce the ultimate imaging experience through the combination of CCD-like sensor performance and the advantages of back-illuminated CMOS architecture.
Developed entirely by Teledyne, LACera technology represents a critical element of advanced imaging solutions.

How Can LACera Technology Be Utilized?

With low noise, fast frame rates, high sensitivity, and many more advantages all with a large sensor size, LACera technology can be harnessed for a wide range of applications. Imagine how this technology could improve your research!
Teledyne Imaging is utilizing LACera technology in a series of products, with the first being announced later this year. If you would like to find out more about this astronomy-focused product, sign up for our webinar “Enabling the Next Generation of Astronomy”. 

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