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Laser beam expanders and F-Theta lenses from JenOptik

JenOptikTe Lintelo Systems is now exclusive partner for JENOPTIK  Laser beam expanders and F-Theta lenses within the BeNelux region.

Beam expanders increase or decrease the diameter of a laser beam, allowing various elements of an optical system to be calibrated to one another. Beam expanders are primarily used in laser material processing. All beam expanders can be integrated with F-theta objective lenses from Jenoptik in a wide range of beam guidance systems.

Beam Expanders from JENOPTIKThe 1x-4x and 2x-10x beam expanders are available for laser wavelengths of 355, 532 and 1030 to 1080 nanometers. The extended zoom range enables a maximum tenfold beam expansion to be achieved. All versions are infinitely adjustable from a minimum to a maximum expansion factor. Expansion and divergence are adjusted separately. This means the beam expanders allow a focus correction of the entire optical system.

The beam expanders come in a highly robust design and a compact housing. There is no rotation of lens elements even during a setup modification. This results in an exceptionally high level of beam stability. The beam expanders are also diffraction-limited: The diameter of the laser beam is limited only by the diffraction of the light. A zoom and focus gauge is engraved on the beam expander, so any manual adjustments can be made quickly and easily.

The BEX 1x-4x steadfast is characterized by a new mechanical design: The moving optical elements are guided linearly. This reduces the influence of mechanical manufacturing tolerances and increases the beam direction stability when changing the magnification and / or divergence. The beam expander achieves a high radiation direction stability of less than one milliradiant.

The newly designed Beam Expander can also be used to lock the setting. This minimizes influences such as vibrations or accelerations on the system. In addition, the BEX 1x-4x steadfast is easy and safe to handle, which reduces set-up times to a minimum.

JENar F-theta objective lenses are particularly well suited for use in micromachining laser applications. You can use standard F-theta lenses at laser wavelengths of 1080 to 355 nanometers.

F-theta objective lenses from JENOPTIKThe conventional F-theta objective lenses from Jenoptik offer exceptional durability and enable you to perform high-precision laser material processing. You can use them for the micro structuring, marking and labeling of a wide range of materials. The F-theta lenses come with protective glass. As a special service, we are able to offer you our STEP files, which allow you to integrate the JENar F-theta objective lenses quickly and easily into any system.

Each objective lens undergoes a standardized application testing procedure. This enables us to achieve highly consistent optical properties throughout series production. You will benefit as the F-Theta lenses are easy to change and the life-cycle stability is increased.


For more info on these beam expanders and/or F-Theta lenses please contact Danny or Roland

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