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LDTLS – laser driven tunable light source

Energetiq demonstrate their brand new laser driven tunable light source.

LDTLS - Laser Driven Tunable Light Source by Energetiq
This lightsource is a fully integrated scanning broadband light source.

Bright output at a 1500um fiber.

Call Roland or Danny for more information.
find here the datasheet

Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source –
High Brightness, Broadband with Fiber-Coupled Output

The Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source (LDTLS™)
is a compact, fully integrated and highly stable tunable
broadband light source that is based on our proven Laser-Driven
Light Source (LDLS™) technology. The LDTLS™ utilizes our EQ-77 LDLS™ broadband source and features the highest brightness and output flux available in a tunable broadband light source.

The LDTLS™ offers an extremely long lifetime of ~9000 hours between bulb changes for low cost of ownership. It has high stability, very low noise and is coupled with a precision high-performance monochromator for accurate wavelength selection and repeatable light output across the range of

Features  &  Benefits

  • Highest output flux in the industry for higher throughput
  • Long lifetime of ~9000 hours between bulb changes for low cost-of-ownership
  • Low noise and high stability for precise measurements
  • Fast wavelength tuning up to 200nm per second for faster measurements
  • Optical fiber output for flexibility of integration to application for ease of use
  • Achromatic reflective coupling optics for aberration free radiation collection and focusing
  • Etendue-matched monochromator with high efficiency optical design for maximum light throughput

Industry  Applications

  • Optical Testing
  • Process Monitoring and Control
  • VIS/NIR Spectroscopy
  • Scientific Research
  • Thin-Film Measurements
  • Materials Characterization
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