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LightField v6.11 out now

Teledyne Princeton InstrumentsLightField v6.11.4 and PICam 5.8.4 are now available with several improvements.

Improvements in LightField

New Features:

  • NIRvana HS now supported
  • NIRvana HS – added ‘star’ defect blemish correction

LightField-software Princeton InstrumentsImprovements include:

  • Improved device detection for FERGIE lasers.
  • Optimized the speed of blemish correction.
  • Simplified the creation and editing of blemish definition files.
  • Improved validation when applying blemish correction in post process.
  • Fixed a bug where wavelength calibration would use the wrong grating groove density in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where automation could not set online formulas.

With hundreds of features and beautifully designed user interface, LightField is the true benchmark scientific imaging and spectroscopy software. Visit for more information and feature videos

All LightField users will be automatically notified via “Online Update” and v6.11 is FREE upgrade to all users with v5.X. The latest version can be manually downloaded using the following links

Download LightField 6.11

Download PICam 5.8.4

About LightField
LightField from Teledyne Princeton Instruments is a data acquisition software that supports renowned imaging and spectroscopy systems*. The software is developed from ground up for the 64-bit environment and provides improved user experience, built-in math engine for live image/spectral processing and automation via LabVIEW and MATLAB interfaces.


LightField – LabVIEW and MATLAB Integration

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