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Manx Precision Optics

As from today 25th of October we are pleased to represent Manx Precision Optics (MPO) within the BeNeLux officially.

MPO specializes in high precision optics such as mirrors, windows, cube polarizers, plate polarizers for ultrafast applications, waveplates, etalons, reference flats, spherical mirrors and lenses. MPO’s ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing process covers the full range of optical manufacture from, shaping, grinding and polishing to coating (e-beam and sputtering) and assembly. This enables Manx Precision Optics to have full control of all aspects of precision optics manufacture. Its highly experienced workforce enables MPO to offer tailor made solutions to a wide range of applications along its wide range of off the shelf products.

For all info about the standard products we can send you the catalog.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Manager Danny van Dongen if you want to learn what we can do for you on high precision optics.

For all specials we are happy to help you out, find more info about the capabilities of Manx Precision Optics here.




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