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Newsflash – January – 2019

Newsflash – January – 2019
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Best Wishes for 2019

As we are already a couple of days into 2019, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2019!

We look back to a fruitfull 2018, where we have solved and delivered many customer specific solutions.

Princeton Instruments did join the TLS family as a new product line, where we take over the activities from Wim van Dieren, for the BeNeLux.
For optical positioning and beam delivery systems we do partner up with OWIS, where we are exclusive partner.

Together with our partners, we are motivated to support you with your business & projects in 2019 and beyond.

As most new product introductions will follow during this month, we take the opportunity to introduce our new partners and products in this newsflash. You can expect more information by early February of all product updates during Photonics West.


Logo princeton instrumentsPrinceton Instruments SpectraPro HRS-750 Introduced

The SpectraPro HRS-750, a new 750 mm focal length spectrograph and scanning monochromator that features an astigmatism-corrected optical design, a mechanical scanning range of 0 to 1500 nm, as well as exceptional resolution of 0.05 nm or better. This versatile instrument is the latest addition to Princeton Instruments’ popular SpectraPro HRS series of spectrographs and monochromators, which also includes the SpectraPro HRS-300 and the SpectraPro HRS-500..

HRS750 Princeton InstrumentsNew technology built into the HRS-750 includes Princeton Instruments’ exclusive spectral deconvolution technology, ResXtreme, which is provided with every SpectraPro HRS spectrometer. ResXtreme improves the spectral resolution, peak intensities, and consistency across the 2D focal plane by as much as 60%, all with the push of a button.

 “In addition to ResXtreme, the SpectraPro HRS-750 configuration option of two exit and two entrance ports gives researchers tremendous experimental versatility that no other commercially available scientific-grade spectrometer can match,” observes Shixin Sun, spectroscopy product manager at Princeton Instruments. “The exit ports have a full 14 mm x 30 mm focal plane, which enables the mounting and operation of two array detectors [e.g., any of Princeton Instruments’ CCD, EMCCD, ICCD, sCMOS, or InGaAs sensors] or allows the SpectraPro HRS-750 to operate as both a monochromator and a spectrograph.”

The SpectraPro HRS-750 can also take full advantage of Princeton instruments’ patented IntelliCal® wavelength and intensity calibration system. IntelliCal’s push-button wavelength calibration routinely achieves up to 10x more accurate wavelength calibration than conventional calibration methods, while its fast and easy intensity calibration removes unwanted instrument responses that can degrade spectral data.

Every SpectraPro HRS-750 can utilize as many as three interchangeable triple-grating turrets and also includes Princeton Instruments’ exclusive AccuDrive — an advanced technology that yields significant improvements in wavelength accuracy and repeatability over previous scan systems and increases grating-to-grating wavelength precision to sub-pixel repeatability.

SpectraPro HRS-750 applications include Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence, fluorescence, LIBS, plasma diagnostics, transmission, absorption, and microspectroscopy, among others.

All SpectraPro HRS-750 spectrographs are supported by Princeton Instruments’ powerful 64-bit LightField® imaging and spectroscopy software. LightField provides complete control of the SpectraPro HRS-750 as well as comprehensive data analysis capabilities. Princeton Instruments also offers a wide selection of scientific-grade cameras and accessories (e.g., diffraction gratings, filter wheels, fiberoptics) optimized for use with the SpectraPro HRS-750 to allow researchers to customize complete spectroscopy solutions for their specific applications.

Logo OWISOwis introdcution

OWIS has a track record of almost 40 years of innovation and providing quality solutions for optical beam handling and positioning systems from the factory to the laboratory and hosptial, We stand ready to serve you now and in the future with products in the following categories:

Optical Beam Handling Systems

The OWIS system installation kits allow the experimenter to provide experimental setups within shortest time. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that, when using the existing system components with a future series production, the same kits can be employed. This is particularly important for the industrial research.

Manual Positioning Systems

OWIS positioning systems are the economic solution for applications, where simple but precise motion sequences have to be realized. Due to the manifold combination possibilities of linear, rotary, angular adjustment and tilt stages, goniometers as well as fine-thread and micrometer screws in the most different specifications, a large application area is covered.

Nano-Hybrid Positioning Systems

If parts or samples have to be moved or positioned with nanometer precision, our Nano Hybrid Positioners are used. Linear stages with our appropriate control unit are available for linear movements, also for large travels and loads. The compatibility to each other as well as to our other positioning systems allows the assembly of multi-axes combinations for complex movements.

Optomechanical components

Optomechanical components are used in all research fields of the industrial sectors where light is used for experimental and developing processes. These are not only standard but also customer and application-specific products. The kinematic and gimbal adjustment units with the corresponding inserts are brought to the required beam handling heights, when mounted on slides, pins or directly on optical tables.

Motorized Positioning Systems

Motorized positioning systems are used in research and laboratories as well as in various industrial sectors to automate precise and complex motion sequences. A construction kit with different automation components allows the assembling of complete harmonized systems.

Customized Solutions

OWIS has a modern production line with precise machines which enable the manufacturing of high quality products. Above all, a motivated R&D team does its best to offer individual solutions to our customers. The company is proud to – not only through standard products but also through special projects – set standards for future technological development in the fields of optical beam handling and positioning systems.

Ultra-high vacuum: the next level

The offer to manufacture products for ultra-high vacuum includes almost the entire OWIS product range, starting from beam handling systems, such as system rails and optic holders, to manual and motorised positioners. To comply with the limits, special UHV motors are used for the motorised versions. The standard products for 10-9 mbar are supplied without end respectively reference switches, but can be equipped with UHV compatible switches if required. As all OWIS products, the 10-9 mbar products are of highest quality and of course “Made in Germany”.

Danny our Sales specialist can also consult you on selecting the best setup for your application.


Logo NeoSpectra SI-WareFT-NIR on a chip from NeoSpectra now available

NeoSpectra ™ test boards are now available, order your setup right away and start minimazing your application.

Neospectra Micro 3d-graphic_graphic

NeoSpectra’s unique features bring a new perspective to optical spectroscopy. The sensors are constructed from low cost, robust, permanently aligned, and highly reproducible components. The core technology is based on semiconductor fabrication techniques promising unprecedented economies of scale.

What’s inside

  • Breakthrough packaging techniques allow all system components to be packed in a chip-sized module:
  • Optical Head: Mini optical structure for sample illumination and the collection of diffuse reflected light.
  • ASICs: for system control and data processing.
  • Optical Core Module: Monolithic single-chip Michelson interferometer and a single elelement uncooled InGaAs photodetector.

More information can be find here.

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