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Newsflash – Precision Fair  2019

Newsflash – Precision Fair  2019 – 
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Team Update

I’m pleased to announce that Lars joined our team. He joined us in the middle of October, just before the busy November and December months.

Good chance you will meet him during one of our events, lined up for the last part of this year.

Are you interested in meeting Lars apart from the upcomming events? Feel free to drop by at our office for a coffee, or contact us for an appointment.

Precision Fair 2019 & More

You can find us on these events:

  • Precision Fair, November 13 & 14th, NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, booth 95
  • IEEE Benelux Chapter, November 21 & 22, VU Main building Amsterdam
  • AgriFoodTech, December 11 & 12th, Brabanthallen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, booth 30

Enjoy reading

Esther, Ben, Lars, Monique & Roland

Photonics IndustriesVacuum product line now available in eXtreme-Ultra-High-Vacuum V-11 version

The vacuum product line includes, manual and motorized linear stages as well as optical components, rails and slides. Customized solutions are also possible. All parts are cleaned, mounted, measured, tested and packed in the OWIS® clean rooms.

V-11 : Our requirements for a mass spectra XUHV:

The eXtreme-Ultra-High-Vacuum ( XUHV ) products are baked out at approximately 80°C and measured after a heating cycle of a maximum of 12 hours. A mass spectrum of 0 to 100 a at a pressure of less than 1E(-7) mbar is thereby recorded. The peaks in the range of 45-100 a are more than three decades below the highest mass peak in the range of 0-44 a.

Your welcome to our presentation
Wedensday 13 November 10:30 – 11:00 room 20


maXee® 3D

Relaxed Working with a Clear View on Brilliant 3D Images – Perfect Ergonomics for Your Quality Control and Production

Relaxed posture at the workplace, eye-friendly viewing of objects on the monitor: Digital 2D video microscopy is an immense progress from classic stereo microscopy due to the improved ergonomics. The systems has only ever delivered two-dimensional images – until now. SAC maXee® 3D is the innovative three-dimensional video microscope. Users see on the monitor what has always been there, but not visible up to now: the exact spatial structure of the object. Surface defects can be evaluated better, and real-time precision work can be performed much more precisely with the system.

Areas of Application:

  • Quality control, visual inspection tasks with high throughput
  • Precision work such as assembly of smallest components, connector assembly, solder joint inspection, etc.
  • Monitoring of spatial structures (crystallography, materials science, etc.)

maXee® 3D Your benefits:

  • High-resolution 3D image material makes fatigue-free working possible.
  • Ergonomics at the workplace is paramount.
    An upright sitting position and a relaxed arm position are the prerequisite for the effective handling and viewing of smallest parts during assembly and control. The amply dimensioned free working space enables you to position the monitor directly behind the object. A round back resulting from viewing the image through an eyepiece or a twisted upper body posture when viewing the monitor are now things of the past.
  • “No Latency” for highest-precision work
    Movements are displayed in the 3D image without latency. This means real-time handling, which enables you to work faster and more precisely.
  • Uncomplicated commissioning and simple handling
  • Fast documentation of the work results
    A screenshot can be made by pushing a button anytime and the frozen image can be saved via USB stick/network or used for further processing.

Check out the system at the Precision fair, or book your onside demo! Contact Monique for more info.

JenoptikJENOPTIK – Next-gen Laser diode 275 Watt for hard pulse and cw conditions

Read the full story of Jenoptik new laser diode;

Full strength ahead with a photonic power pack of an extra class: Our next-generation diode laser sets new standards in laser material processing thanks to its extremely high performance of 275 Watt for hard pulse and cw conditions coming along with the utmost quality and reliability. Benefit from cost-efficiency, smaller packaging and less complexity.

Read more in our latest article in Laser Focus World:

“Your source for optical components”

we are your source for optical components

Air-Cooled UV/Green Series Nanosecond Lasers

High Power Compact ns Lasers
A pioneer of intracavity generation with 25 + years of manufacturing experience and well over ten thousandshipments worldwide, Photonics Industries offers the broadest nanosecond (ns) UV product selection from 1W to 55W* at 355nm and Green product selection from 2W to 100W* at 532nm.

With its new revolutionary packaging, our new DX Air-Cooled Series has smaller form factor, higher performance and shorter pulse widths compared to its ancestor, the DCH series, providing the most compact UV output powers from 1W to 7W and Green output powers from 2W to 14W. The DX Air-Cooled Series lasers provide the highest average power from one of the smallest footprint, lightest weight short pulse width, high peak power air-cooled industrial ns lasers commercially available in UV and Green.

Owing to key patented technologies, intracavity harmonic generation is inherently a more efficient harmonic conversion that provides unmatched superior beam quality, as well as better beam pointing stability in a simple, compact laser configuration making this laser the perfect tool for precision manufacturing.

Standard feature-rich packed software allowing for adjustable output power using real-time TTL and/or analog control signals enables high quality processoptimization all with ease of handling, high throughput, uncompromised process quality and long-term stability in 24/7 applications with a lowCost of Ownership (COO).

JenOptik fiber lasers

We got the opportunity to get a couple of fiberlasers from JenOptik against very nice pricing.

The available models  from the Jenlas fiber ns 10-70 are:

  • 1 pcs of the ns 12
  • 2 pcs of the ns 40
  • 1 pcs of the ns 50

When interested, contact Roland or Lars for more information



End of Year Promotion – Free Lightfield software

Teledyne Princeton Instruments has been serving researchers, worldwide for more than 30 years with state of the art imaging and spectroscopy solutions. The company offers innovative products and technologies including eXcelon, IsoPlane, emICCD, NIRvana, BLAZE, HRS, IntelliCal, ResXtreme, KURO, SOPHIA-XO, MTE3 and LightField software – the reference standard for scientific software!

To facilitate the adoption of cutting edge products from Teledyne Princeton Instruments, we are offering special prices on selected cameras to our customers. With this promotion, you will get high performing cameras at a very competitive price!

Wondering if your camera of interest is in the promotion, contact Roland to discuss.


Meet us at – Agenda


You can meet us at the following events:

  • Precision Fair, November 13 & 14th, NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, booth 95
  • IEEE Benelux Chapter, November 21 & 22, VU Main building Amsterdam
  • AgriFoodTech, December 11 & 12th, Brabanthallen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, booth 30


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We look forward to supplying you with all the material and information you need and answering any question.
For more information please contact

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