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Newsflash – Summer edition 2019

Newsflash – Summer 2019 – 
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Newsflash Summer 2019

At the first day of rest in the Tour de France we would like to update you with some interesting products.
With the added handheld product line from Optosky, we now have 785 and 1064 handheld raman devices in our portfolio.

Furthermore we have a couple of demo units for sale on this moment, for example our EQ-99 XFC Energetiq lightsoucre. More items will follow, check our website.

Enjoy reading & Enjoy the summer !

Esther, Ben, Monique & Roland

Gentec EO logoLaser marking and engraving: Ensuring quality control with laser power measurement

Do you know how frequently the laser output power of your system typically changes during marking and engraving processes? Depending on the laser type, the maintenance needs and the environmental factors?

Read more on the Gentec-EO blog


Photonics Industries

Optosky handheld raman system 785 nm

We are delighted to introduce the ATR6500 a ultra-thin, lightweight, smart handheld Raman system from Optosky.

The total weight is less than 450gram, compact size suit to be operated by a single hand and easy-to-take. It can fast detect pharmaceutical drugs, precursor chemicals, explosives, gemstones, raw materials whether in industries of customs, public safety, lab, factory plant, warehouse, deck. Users can also make fast detect additives, pesticide residues, veterinary drugs residues, etc.

ATR6500 built-in advanced algorithm can easy to detect any substance, users can also add a spectral library by their own. Optosky handheld raman

It employs Android system, simple interface, 5.5-inch high-resolution screen, a high-definition double camera of 13-mega  and 8-mega, available in keeping a record of field site at any time, built-in WIFI, blue-tooth, GPS, and users can experience intelligent operation.

Technical parameters:
Technique:  Raman Spectra Analysis Technique
Wavelength:   785nm
Spectral range:  200-4000cm-1
Resolution:  10cm-1
Dimension:   176x80x30mm
  • Pharmaceutical drugs:Heroin, Cocaine, Metamfetamine, Ketamin etc.
  • Precursor:(-)-ephedrine, Chloroform,Diethyl ether etc.
  • Explosives:TNT,RDX,TATP, Ammonium nitrate etc.
  • Hazardous chemicals:Sulfate, Gasoline, Nitric acid, Toluene, etc.
  • Gemstones:Diamond, Agate, Emerald, etc.
  • Food Safety:Illegal food additives, pesticide residues, veterinary drugs residues etc.
  • Self-built library:Users can add a spectral library by their own
Detect Result:  Export informational detect report(detect result, spectra info, picture evident)

Wasatch Photonics Raman Systems & OCT Extending Raman’s reach with Wasatch Photonics product line

Wasatch’s, ultra-sensitive Raman family is welcoming new members & new options. Take a first look at our new integrated laser models offering more power & flexibility than ever. Acquisition & control is easy with our free ENLIGHTEN software & SDKs – with new features inspired by you!

There’s a fine balance between integration, flexibility, and convenience when designing a Raman spectroscopy system – and  that was our focus behind the newest customer-inspired additions to our WP Raman spectrometer series. Starting summer 2019, we will offer three models of our most popular Raman spectrometer wavelengths, including two integrated laser options with direct powering and software control of the laser via the spectrometer’s own USB and power supply. Each model is available in multiple wavelengths with configuration options for resolution, range, optical coupling, and detector cooling, delivering the same optical specifications and sensitivity as our standalone spectrometers.

A classic becomes the ultimate hybrid

Building on the strengths and superior sensitivity of our compact modular spectrometers, we’ve created an integrated laser & spectrometer duo in a single compact footprint. This onboard laser model includes a multimode laser with 350 mW of power mounted in a slightly raised lid above the spectrometer, allowing you to connect both legs of your Raman probe or sampling accessory directly to a single unit. The upper, FC/PC connector provides laser light for excitation, while an SMA connector below acts as spectrometer input for detection of Raman signal. The streamlined design of this duo economizes on space and hardware cost, and maximizes value without sacrificing flexibility.   >>>  Availability: 785 nm, 830 nm 

A fully integrated Raman system just gets better

We don’t believe in limitations. That’s why we’ll soon be offering a higher power multimode laser excitation option in our fully integrated -L models. For a very modest increase in height, these units will integrate a 350 mW multimode laser, high sensitivity Raman spectrometer, filtering optics, and a 25 mm focal length sample coupling lens into a single, compact package for direct excitation and measurement of Raman signal. At 3.5x more excitation power than our standard fully integrated model and 10x more sensitivity than a conventional compact f/4 spectrometer, that gives you access to 35x more range when working with power-tolerant samples.  >>> Availability: 785 nm, 830 nm, 1064 nm (350 mW multimode laser); 633 nm, 785 nm, 830 nm (100 mW singlemode laser)

Safety and quality by design

One aspect of our OEM-ready by design philosophy is to deliver products that embody safety, quality, and convenience. Each integrated laser model can be easily and directly controlled via our free ENLIGHTEN™ software and drivers, from single-click on/off to precise adjustment of laser power. The  laser safety interlock and key design offers safeguards against accidental laser exposure, while LED indicators provide a quick visual to signal when the laser key is switched on/off, and when the laser is firing.

Customer-inspired innovation

You spoke and we listened – finding new ways to simplify the size, footprint, and operation of our most popular Raman spectrometer series without sacrificing signal. Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of a probe-based system with the convenience and footprint of an integrated laser, or simply more power in the same compact integrated system, we have new options to help enable solutions to real world problems through the power of Raman spectroscopy.

Gooch & HousegoAcousto-optic deflectors (AODFs)

Gooch and Housego Acousto-optic deflectors

AO deflectors (AODFs), modulators (AOMs) and Q-switches (AOQSs) and RF drivers, will offer superior pulse control and complex beam-steering capabilities as well as integration with other technologies such as galvanometers. We can give you ultrafast switching and modulation, more accurate via drilling, cutting, marking and engraving with G&H acousto-optics designed into your laser.

Gooch & Housego AODFs are designed for specialized high speed scanning applications. Devices range from conduction cooled to high power water cooled designs. the UV AODF is ideal for applications such as micro machining, inspection systems, via drilling and graphic imaging. Two dimensional scanning can be achieved by cascading two deflectors in series.

We can tailor deflector performance to meet your specific needs. Read the datasheet here.

“Your source for optical components”

we are your source for optical components

Logo NEOSPRECTRAEnergetiq EQ-99-XFC laser driven lightsource

The LDLS EQ-99XFC has integrated collection optics that allow greater ease of use for those needing a fiber connection. The high performance ellipsoidal collector ensures that the ultra-high brightness light and power stability are maintained across the broad spectrum, from 190nm to 2100nm, and efficiently coupled into small diameter optical fibers. Proprietary Fiber-Protection Technology™ enhances DUV performance and significantly extends fiber life by reducing the effects of solarization. Utilizing a patented laser-driven bulb technology* and ultra-clean construction, the EQ-99XFC is ideal for applications requiring ultra-long lamp life combined with high broadband brightness.

Energetiq 99xfc-ldls

We have our demo laser driven lightsource, including all options, on sale now! Save more then 5500 euro on the European List price.

Now available for 13.500,= euro, excl VAT!

The lightsource is as new, fully checked and with 1 year warranty.

Meet us at – Agenda

You can meet us at the following events:

  • Dutch Photonics Event 2019, 10 september, TU Delft
  • Precision Fair, November 13 & 14th, NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven
  • AgriFoodTech, December 11 & 12th, Brabanthallen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch


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