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OCT and Ophthalmology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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The webinar will provide an executive overview for leaders in imaging and ophthalmology on how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the field of medical imaging. Presenter Nishant Mohan will provide a hands-on demonstration of how to develop a deep-learning AI system from scratch, giving attendees critical insight into how to use this powerful tool.

Separating the hype from reality, Mohan will discuss essential concepts behind the revolutionizing power of AI. In addition, he will present critical factors in the ecosystem that is driving AI technology and major AI platforms. He will provide specific examples of the application of AI in optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging and show how the combination of these two techniques promises to have a significant impact on our understanding and treatment of ophthalmic disorders — and how this could hold important lessons for similar applications.

Who should attend:

Executives, managers, engineers, researchers, clinicians, and technicians specializing in AI and/or medical imaging; educators; and anyone who is interested in learning more about the application of AI in ophthalmology and other areas of medical imaging will learn and benefit from this presentation.

Read: OCT brochure from Wasatch

AO-OCT Comes into Focus by Nishant Mohan and Cicely Rathmell, Wasatch Photonics (BioPhotonics, March 2019).

Also by Nishant Mohan: Vying for Dominance: Swept-Source vs. Spectral-Domain OCT (BioPhotonics, April 2018) and Advances in Optical Coherence Tomography (Photonics Spectra, Oct. 2018).


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