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PhotoAcoustic & Biophotonic Laser

PhotoAcoustic & Biophotonic Lasers

Photonics Industries offer lasers with wavelength from the MIR (up to 3.4um) to the Vacuum UV (VUV) (as short as ~193nm) at high pulse energies and at kHz rep rates for emerging Photoacoustic & other Biophotonic applications.

As data acquisition and image processing speeds increase there is a need to move to mJs of pulse energies at kHz prfs to make new laser based Photoacoustic & Biophotonic technologies competitive with conventional technologies. Photonics Industries’ lasers unique features stem from our patented intra-cavity OPO frequency conversion technology. Conventional OPO systems use low repetition rate lasers, typically limited to 100Hz, to pump the OPO. Photonics Industries integrates our OPOs within the Q-switched based oscillator. This design produces kilohertz repetition rates, nominal 10ns pulse durations and milli-Joule (mJ) levels of pulse energy in a single, compact, industry reliable package.

For tunable wavelength lasers, Photonics Industries’ patented TU Series of nano second pulse width Ti:Sapphire lasers are tunable over a wide range of wavelengths and operate at high repetition rates while providing mJ of energy with a very narrow line width. The TU Series combines our field proven diode pumped Nd:YAG or Nd:YLF lasers with one Ti:Sapphire oscillator to provide a reliable and efficient tunable laser in a compact package. By minimizing dispersive optical components in the laser cavity, our TU Series lasers provides superior wavelength stability (typically <0.04 cm-1 over eight hours). The fundamental can be tuned from ~700 nm to ~940 nm. With sum and/or harmonic generations, the tuning range can be extended from 480 nm down to 193 nm.

Wavelength Ranges and Features
* Mid IR MIR (2.2um to 3.4um) up to 1mJ at 1kHz
* “Golden Window” SWIR (1.5um to 2um) up to 4mJ at 1kHz
* Blood Window (750nm to 1um) up to 2mJ at 1kHz
* Blood Window (tunable 700nm to 900nm) up to 1mJ at 1kHz
* Visible (671nm) up to 300uJ at 10kHz
* Visible (500nm to 667nm) up to 800uJ at 1kHz
* Visible (527nm) up to 18mJ at 100Hz Air-cooled
* ns pulse width → narrow bandwidth laser
* Patented intracavity generation
* Excellent TEM00 beam quality
* Superior stability < 2%

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