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Photonics Industries introduces the RGH-355-45, Highest Pulse Energy UV pico second (ps) laser at Photonics West

Photonics Industries (PI), The Pioneer of Intracavity Solid-State Harmonic Lasers, has introduced its new RGH-355-45, the Highest Pulse Energy UV pico second (ps) laser on the market at ~200uJ in the UV (i.e., 355nm) providing:

  • High power (over 50W at 355nm)
  • Short picosecond pulse (~7ps)
  • High repetition rates (up to 8MHz)
  • The most compact rugged All-in-One ps laser
  • With the lowest power consumption (<600 W typical)

Photonics Industries SN Series High Power Sub ns Laser
Such high pulse energies allow for process efficiency optimization by spatial scaling as the beam can be split numerous times to simultaneously feed multiple work stations yielding the lowest Cost of Ownership (COO) for applications like:

  • Processing of thin films/multilayer low ablation threshold substrate materials
  • Microelectronic FPCB or SLP (Substrate-Like-Package) cutting and drilling
  • OLED cutting and drilling

Please visit us at: Photonics West, Booth Number 5045, to discuss how the RGH-355-45 laser can address your application demands.
Not at Photonics West, contact Danny in our office.

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