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Si-Ware’s NeoSpectra Micro is launching into production!

Companies have been working with the Micro development kits since last August and there are now a number of products designed using the Micro. The Micro is a highly integrated FT-IR spectrometer that brings lab based spectroscopy to the size and cost of a sensor. It’s wide spectral range (1,350 to 2,500 nm) and good resolution (16nm) really sets it apart from other spectral sensing solutions on the market.

The NeoSpectra Micro will start shipping in volume in October. Look for innovative products using the Micro in early 2019.

Si-Ware NeoSpectra Micro development kitsDevelopment kits for the NeoSpectra Micro are available. The development kit is plug and play solution that allows for quick and easy application and product development. A number of companies have already developed products using the development kits. Order yours today and get started on your unique development.

NeoSpectra sensors are being used in Smart Farming applications such as with Agrocares for soil analysis, and more recently with their partner Trouw Nutrition for feed analysisSmart Healthcare is another area where NeoSpectra sensors are revolutionizing the way way things are done with Medic and its smart toilet. NeoSpectra sensors are also being used in Smart Industry applications such as portable analysis with Boer.

There are many other uses cases and we will be presenting these on a regular basis. Another application in Smart Industry is textile analysis and identifying counterfeit textiles. Here we present an application note which details NeoSpectra sensor usage for counterfeit textile analysis.

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