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Simplifying spectroscopy – Enlighten

Wasatch Photonics Logo Te Lintelo SystemsIn contemporary science, spectroscopy is often just one of many tools used in the lab or field to solve a larger problem. That’s why we’ve designed our Raman and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy systems to be as flexible, configurable, and easy to use as they are sensitive – and why our ENLIGHTEN operating software & drivers are free.

We seek to give you the tools to accelerate your research or product development, and help you to learn them quickly. Our application notes exist to show you the possibilities and power our spectrometers have to give you better answers.

Process Monitoring

Raman shows its strengths for process monitoring in biotechnology as we use PLS and PCA to follow the fermentation of glucose by yeast to generate ethanol. Read more

Raman for Your Needs

Find the exact balance you need between flexibility, sensitivity, and footprint with our line of modular, semi-integrated & fully integrated Raman systems. See the options

ENLIGHTEN Video Series

See for yourself how easy it is to get started with our systems and free software in our new 5-part video tutorial series – it’s enlightening!
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Talk with one of the Te Lintelo Systems our engineers to discuss your application !

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