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The New Timing Generator – TG10

Eksma Optics presenting the new Timing Generator TG10 dedicated to the synchronization of laser systems and laser components: Pockels cell drivers, acousto-optical modulator drivers, laser diode and flash lamp drivers, detectors, data acquisition systems, laser pulse pickers, etc. The TG10…

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Notch Filters

With our partner EKSMA Optics we produces Notch filters that ensure effective blocking of the designated laser wavelength and feature OD >6.0. While the Notch filter rejects a very narrow wavelength range which is typically 15-20 nm at FWHM, it…

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Precision Aspheric Lenses from Eksma Optics

Over the last few years, our partner Eksma have been deliberately and consistently investing in our CNC optical lens polishing facility and building their capabilities to offer cost-efficient aspheric lenses for our customers. New advanced manufacturing equipment and skilled production workforce have…

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Precision CNC Polished Optical Lenses

EKSMA Optics CNC lens production facility allows us to offer high flexibility in manufacturing of small batches or even single spherical, aspherical and conical lenses at attractive prices. Our optical engineers can handle your request from specifying and designing using…

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MP1 Eksma Optics

New MP1 Pulse Picking System

We are glad to present our new compact and robust design MP1 pulse picker that consists of built-in fast high voltage driver and a Pockels cell. MP1 pulse picker is able to select laser pulses at 600 kHz rate. In setup…

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