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5 common laser power problems that laser operators face

Logo Gentec-eo Te Lintelo SystemsOur partner Gentec-EO did publish a nice article about the 5 most common laser power problems that laser operators face;

Laser operators are critical members of an efficient laser business where large, powerful laser systems are running continuously. As a part of the business, there are also many kinds of laser system-related technical problems that may occur during operation, so diagnosing and fixing them as quickly as possible is vital.

Laser power problems, which are quite specific for a laser business, can be caused by some many different reasons, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll list five of them below and look at how we can overcome them.

#1 – Inefficient cooling

Your laser system consists of many high-tech components, and most of them require efficient cooling to produce stable output power. In general, a water circulation system is used for keeping the temperature of the system constant.

Thus, problems related to circulation of water, filters or electrical supply can degrade the laser output power. Therefore, periodic check and control of the temperature gauge on the cooling system might save your time and money.

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