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Remote learning sessions

Experience Teledyne Princeton Instruments’ innovative, new products with our remote, interactive learning program.
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IsoPlane 81 Aberration-Free Spectrometer

IsoPlane 81 combines state-of-the-art, aberration-free spectroscopy technology within a compact, integrated spectrograph. During a remote demonstration you can:
• Capture aberration-free spectroscopic data
• See the flexibility of the IsoPlane 81 and its CUBE-based ecosystem
• See the advantages of a deep-cooled, back-illuminated CCD detector

See The IsoPlane 81 In Action

TPIR-785 High Throughput NIR Raman System

The TPIR-785 system is optimized specifically for NIR Raman spectroscopy.
In a live, remote demo you can:

• View live Raman data collection
• Learn how the ultra-high sensitivity can enhance your NIR research
• Discuss how the TPIR-785 can be tailored to your application

See How The TPIR-785 Can Enhance Your Research

NIRvana HS High-Speed NIR-II Cameras

The NIRvana HS InGaAs camera offers high speed, NIR-II optimized imaging. Book a remote demonstration to:

• Capture real-time, NIR-II images
• Discover what you can achieve with faster readout speeds
• Observe the benefits of high QE in the NIR/NIR-II spectral range

Experience The Power Of NIR Live


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