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Laser cutting of polymer tubes

With the high peak-power from the ORIGAMI XP you can make fine features in polymer tubes without any thermal effect.

As medical devices develop and get smaller, the ability to make high-quality cutting and fine features become more important.

The use of ultrafast lasers in fabrication of polymer medical devices has gained wide acceptance within recent years. Unlike mechanical methods, the laser cutting has the ability to create fine, precisely machined features and markings. Through the non-contact process a consistent high-quality cut is ensured at a high yield and low cost.

Because ultrafast lasers can process a wide variety of polymers, regardless of transparency or thickness, you can simplify the manufacturing process. The high-quality cutting and marking eliminate the need for post-processing and reduce the overall manufacturing cost.

In our application lab, we put our ORIGAMI XP to the test and made it cut very small holes and fine features in various polymer tubes. Read more about how the high peak-power and ultrashort pulses of our lasers, have a dramatic effect on the laser cutting results.

Read the application note.

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