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ACS 570 UV LED Calibration Standard

Logo Instrument SystemsToday Instrument Systems presents you the new ACS 570 UV calibration LED The calibration LEDs of the ACS series offers traceable absolute calibration of our measuring instruments. The new UV calibration LED UV-ACS 570 makes this possible down to the deep UV range. Here you can find detailed information about this product:

Key features at a glance:

> Reference value for radiant flux in ultraviolet (UV) region
> Available for typical peak wavelengths 280, 305, and 365 nm y Extremely low measurement uncertainties (k=2) with 4.5% (UVC), 3.5% (UVB) and 2% (UVA)
> Maximum operational reliability by use with PSU 10 unit

The ACS 570 UV LED Calibration Standard from Instrument Systems is a highly stable ultraviolet source based on LED technology. It is available in three versions with typical peak wavelengths 280 nm (ACS-570-24), 305 nm (ACS-570-26), and 365 nm (ACS-570-28). Instrument Systems provides reference values for radiant flux as a service. UV LED Standards can be used for absolute calibration and monitoring of UV measurement equipment such as integrating spheres.


The UV LED inside the ACS 570-24/26/28 is actively temperature-stabilized by a TEC element. The generated heat is transferred to the surroundings by a heat sink and an integrated electrical fan. The UV LED Calibration Standard is operated at a current of 250 mA and the temperature is regulated to 35 °C. Specially developed software is used for the control.
Instrument Systems’ ISO 17025 accredited test laboratories (registration number D-PL-19052-01-00) provide reference values for radiant flux. Reference values, the spectrum, and all relevant operating parameters are stored inside the ACS 570. In addition, the expired operation time is tracked and logged in the device.

PSU 10 Power Supply Unit

The UV LED Calibration Standard is best operated with the PSU 10 power supply unit and TEC controller, which provides two functionalities for controlling the ACS 570. Firstly, the PSU 10 includes a power source which supplies a steady LED current of 250 mA to ensure constant optical radiant power. In addition, this module supplies power to the fan built into the ACS 570. Secondly, the TEC controller ensures that the LED temperature is kept constant at 35°C. The PSU 10 is connected to a computer with an USB link and controlled via the PSU-ACS-Control software. The Windows operating systems are supported. The corresponding program libraries are available for the Windows and OS X operating systems (.dll and .dylib) for direct control. Alternatively, a Keithley 24xx as can be used as a current source and an Arroyo 5305 as TEC controller.

This calibration LED is now available from Te Lintelo Systems, contact Monique for more info.

Datasheet: ACS 570-24/26/28

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