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Energetic EQ-99XFC LDLS on SALE NOW

Energetic EQ-99XFC on sale save over 5500 euro.


The LDLS EQ-99XFC has integrated collection optics that allow greater ease of use for those needing a fiber connection. The high performance ellipsoidal collector ensures that the ultra-high brightness light and power stability are maintained across the broad spectrum, from 190nm to 2100nm, and efficiently coupled into small diameter optical fibers. Proprietary Fiber-Protection Technology™ enhances DUV performance and significantly extends fiber life by reducing the effects of solarization. Utilizing a patented laser-driven bulb technology* and ultra-clean construction, the EQ-99XFC is ideal for applications requiring ultra-long lamp life combined with high broadband brightness.

Energetiq 99xfc-ldls

We have our demo Lightsouces including all options on sale now save more then 5500 euro on the European List price.

Now available for 13.500,= euro

Lightsourcs is as new fully checked and with 1 year warranty.

Full specs can be found here


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