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Simultaneously Optimizing Spatiotemporal Resolution and Penetration Depth

Our Partner Photon-ETC host a webinar which will explain how preclinical imaging in the second biological window (NIR-II) can allow obtaining a much better image contrast, sensitivity and penetration depth into tissue than traditional visible or infrared optical imaging. The demonstration will show how reaching a penetration depth of up to 3 cm in mouse enables the high-resolution visualization of full organs and microvasculature while monitoring blood flow, metabolic rates, cellular environment, perfusion, drug biodistribution, tumour progression, heart and respiratory rates.

Photon etc.’s IR Vivo™ is an infrared preclinical imager. Using the first (NIR) and second biological window (NIR-II) from 900-1620 nm, it provides outstanding hyperspectral or multispectral infrared imaging capabilities. It combines micron-scale spatial resolution, real-time imaging and full spectral coverage throughout small animals. Emission of several fluorophores can be isolated with a high-efficiency tunable filter and ultralow noise science-grade InGaAs camera.

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