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Rapid Plastic Identification with Extended Range Raman

Wasatch-PhotonicsPlastic waste is a growing issue in this enclosed ecosystem we call Earth. As landfills grow, we must forgo our single-use mentality and embrace recycling to create a more responsible plastic economy.

Extended Range Raman Identification of plastic types for separation is key to effective recycling, and Raman spectroscopy offers the speed and specificity to help. In this application note, we’ll introduce our new WP 785 ER  extended range Raman spectrometer as the ideal tool to discriminate between plastic types, due to its spectral range well beyond the fingerprint region, its high sensitivity and signal to noise ratio (SNR), and excellent reproducibility. We’ll show the ability of this extended range Raman spectrometer to identify the chemical
nature of plastic items down to the exact variety within some of the more diverse polymer families, and the presence of additives.

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