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Hypermonochromator for EQ-99X Energetiq

Hyperchromator highly efficient monochromator for LDLS

Hyperchromator-By-Mountain-PhotonicsThe Hypermonochromator is a high throughput monochromator originally designed for the Energetiq EQ-99X LDLS.
With fast optics, up to f/1.5, it efficiently collects the light directly from the small plasma spot of the light source without an entrance slit. This monochromator is optimized for monochromatic illumination applications where a tunable output from a point source is required. Additionally, white light output is available (zero order reflection).

The output port has been designed with a very flexible opto-mechanical interface. This allows for a multitude of illumination or light coupling options using standard catalog components, rendering the integration of the Hyperchromator into your setup hassle free and straight-forward. Possible configurations include fiber coupling, collimated or free-beam output.
The Hyperchromator is motorized and may be controlled via USB/RS232 and an intuitive GUI.
Options for external control include LabVIEW, Python and others – your inquiries are welcome!

More info can be found here!

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