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  • Stable Power of < 3% from 3 to 150 watts
  • Fast Rise/Fall Times of < 40 µseconds
  • Superior Beam with M² < 1.2
  • Hermetically sealed laser gas, no refills

Iradion Laser Inc., Uxbridge, MA. The popular Infinity laser product line continues to expand with the addition of: 1) a 150-watt model, and coming soon, 2) the Fast Pulse Series with Rise/Fall times that are typically in the range of 20 µseconds!

Until recently, Infinity models featured the popular power levels of 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120-watts. After a successful R&D and Beta Testing program, the product introduction of the i150W laser now adds a 150-watt model to the compact Infinity family of lasers.

OEM Machine Builders and Integrators benefit from the common footprint of all Infinity lasers, because their interchangeability reduces engineering, manufacturing and inventory costs. Furthermore, Infinity models offer system builders with a choice of other specifications providing additional unique features. In short, the Infinity Series represents the most flexible CO2 laser product line that is available in the industry.

It allows OEM Machine Builders and Integrators the ability to customize their system specifications while using an universal laser platform:

  • 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150-watt power levels
  • 11.2, 10.6, 10.2 and 9.3 µm wavelengths
  • Standard rise/fall times < 75 µseconds or Fast Pulse rise/times < 40 µseconds
  • Fan cooling or water cooling
  • Patented Ceramic Core CO2 Laser Design

Iradion Laser, Inc. will expand its sales and service support for its ceramic core CO2 product lines. In the BeNeLux market, Iradion Laser, are distributed by Te Lintelo Systems, we will support the full complement of these products and services.

 As stated in the patent, with Iradion’s innovative design, the CO2 laser gas mixture is hermetically sealed in an inert aluminum oxide ceramic core. The external metal RF electrodes sandwich the chamber, thus exciting the gas remotely. This protects the laser gas from degradation which can cause laser power loss.

The Infinity diagram reveals the ceramic core that hermitically seals the laser gas. The external metal RF electrodes remotely energize the laser gas to produce an excellent laser beam quality of M² < 1.2.

In comparison, conventional CO2 lasers enclose the laser gas mixture with the metal electrodes in a glass or metal chamber using rubber seals or welding. Over time, the laser gas degrades as metal atoms contaminate its purity, and helium leakage alters the mixture, so a laser gas refill is often needed every 3 to 5 years.

Iradion lasers eliminate this problem. Other benefits include better power stability and consistent pulsing profiles, because the ceramic chamber has a low coefficient of expansion versus metal tubes. Moreover, this innovative architecture requires fewer components reducing the laser size and weight. The design equates to production cost savings resulting in some of the most competitive CO2 lasers pricing in the industry.

On left, Iradion seals CO2 laser gas in a ceramic core with electrodes on the outside. On right, traditional lasers place CO2 laser gas and electrodes in metal or glass chamber prone to gas contamination and seal leakage.

Iradion offers two other Series; the Eternity which includes 25, 30 and 40-watt models and the Destiny which consists of 200 and 250-watt models


Iradion’s Laser Series include: Destiny (D200 & D250); Infinity (i50, i60, i80, i100 & i120); Eternity (E25, E30 & E40

All the three product lines offer Iradion’s patented ceramic core laser technology and its unique benefits.

Prior to shipment, extensive QC testing of each laser generates a Final Test Report documenting: model, s/n #, power levels, rise/fall times, power stability, pulsing frequencies, beam quality and other metrics.

Finally, all Iradion lasers are protected with a 2-year warranty, a 7-year warranty against laser gas degradation and a RAPID RESPONSE SERVICE PROGRAM that insures a service response within 24 hours.


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