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IR VIVO™, a brand new ground-breaking pre-clinical imaging system.

Logo Photon EtcPhoton etc. is proud to announce the official release of its long-awaited IR VIVO™, a brand new ground-breaking pre-clinical imaging system.

Using the first (NIR) and second biological window (NIR-II) from 900-1620 nm, Photon etc.’s IR VIVO™ preclinical imager provides multispectral or hyperspectral infrared imaging capabilities for in vivo studies on small animals or living organisms. It combines micron-scale spatial resolution, real-time imaging and full spectral coverage throughout small animals. Emission of several fluorophores can be isolated with a high-efficiency tunable filter and ultra-low noise scientific-grade InGaAs camera.

IR VIVOP hotonEtc

It allows seeing both structure and function by combining:

  • Fast acquisition speed
  • Micron-scale spatial resolution

Centimetre-scale penetration depth; 10 times deeper than visible optical imaging alternatives.


Some of NIR II imaging properties and applications:

  • Non-ionizing & non-invasive
  • Probes for multispectral imaging
  • Intrinsic contrast
  • Functional imaging

High temporal resolution = Real-time dynamics

multispectra IR VIVO PjhotonEtc

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