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Raw Milk Analysis

What’s in your milk? Milk is one of the most widely consumed dairy products in the World and is the raw material found in all dairy products – like your favorite cheese and yogurt. With the wide consumption of milk products it is important for the dairy industry to maintain food safety standards for the protection of all dairy consumers. This application note explores the NeoSpectra-Micro’s ability to provide analytical data on the quality of raw milk samples. Current testing methods require the dairy producer to send raw milk samples to a lab; which are then tested through chemical decomposition. This method is time consuming and only provides average analytical data from a batch of samples. This method of sampling leaves an area for concern with the quality of raw milk being produced by each animal.

During this test, the affordable and portable NeoSpectra-Micro provided the ability to test raw milk samples on location with more detailed analytical information. In this test, the NeoSpectra-Micro sensor measured the fat, protein and lactose found in the raw milk samples. The test concluded the, “… results clearly demonstrate that the spectra of the raw milk samples measured with the NeoSpectra spectral sensors provide suitable analytical data to accurately measure milk contents…”

Read the full application note to learn more about the capabilities of the NeoSpectra-Micro

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