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KTP Pockels cells with high contrast ratio VCR >1:500

New PCK series KTP Pockels are based on specially grown high resistivity KTP crystals. KTP crystals have better optical homogeneity and higher damage threshold comparing to RTP crystals.

KTP Crystals - ktp pockels - Eksma Optics

The outstanding feature is a possibility to operate KTP Pockels cells at high duty cycles or even to keep at high voltage for the longer time.

  • Q-switching of high repetition rate lasers at 1 kHz – 1 MHz
  • Pulse picking


  • λ/2 operation with much lower high voltage comparing to DKDP or BBO Pockels cells
  • Typical half-wave operation voltage is <1.8 kV for 3.5 mm diameter clear aperture cell
  • Stable non-drifting contrast operation at high duty cycles
  • Very low piezo-electric resonances
  • Standard available apertures: 3×3, 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 mm
  • Supplied as hermetically sealed cells with windows for operation in ordinary (not clean) environment or in open X-shape holder for operation in clean environment

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