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LASOS presents 320 nm DPSS Laser

The LASOS DPSS laser series is well known for its superior quality and very long lifetime.

Based on more than a decade of experience in the field of second harmonic generation LASOS has now extended its DPSS laser series into the ultra-violet. Starting from 640 nm introduced in 2013 LASOS developed a laser operating at 320 nm. The laser provides outstanding beam quality with M²<1.2 and excellent wavelength and power stability with output powers of 5 mW, 10 mW and with a potential up to 20 mW.

DPSS Laser module Lasos

The unique wavelength and single longitudinal and transversal mode operation offer a variety of applications, like

– Flow-Cytometry
– Microscopy
– Microlithography
– Holography
– Fluorescence Analysis and many more.

Due to the wavelength of 320 nm being close to the 325 nm line of HeCd-Laser, our newest product is especially suited to replace these bulky devices. The advantages are the compact size and easy maintenance. Housed in standard LASOS dimensions, the laser is applicable for OEM as well as stand-alone applications. website datasheet icon

more info can be fouund here.

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