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Laser safety glasses with frame R01from LASERVISION

LaservisionToday we present the laser safety frame R01 from laservision!
It is a particularly small and lightweight version, which is available only in the laminated version. This means that it is reinforced with an internal reinforcement of metal and it has a very high levels of protection. The frame offers the opportunity to use a “snap-in” corrective Rx insert.

Spectacle with small, plane filters

The laser safety spectacle R01 from laservision is an especially small frame with high protection levels. It is available in a reinforced version only. This version R01 features an internal metal lamination. Due to the small filter dimensions the field of view is slightly smaller compared to the R17 and F02/R02 frames, but for the same reason the R01 frame is more lightweight. The frame offers the opportunity to use a “snap-in” corrective Rx insert. The Duoflex temples offer a lot of individual adjustments to the user. As an option the other wearing systems from laservision like head strap and the head support systems can be used.

Laservision R01 laser Safety FrameHighlights

  • Highest protection levels such as 180-315 D LB9+IR LB5; 315-1400 D LB7+I LB9+R LB8, M LB9
  • As well as: 1400-11500 D LB5+ILB5Y+RLB2 (full protection)
  • Adjustment protection levels: 100W 2×10-2J 400-700 RB5
  • Absorbing and coated flat glass or custom filters
  • Multiple adjustable Duoflex temples
  • Reinforced frame version (R01)
  • Head strap as an option
  • Combination with Rx insert for corrective glasses
  • Optional available with headsupport A01HASUPS1000
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